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VJ Freedom Biog

VJ FREEDOM is a specialist in RealTime Visuals, in other words he generates visuals completely live and in time with the music, he uses No Timecodes, No Sync Codes and No Triggers. He is the REAL, REALTIME VJ.
VJ Freedom's style and content involves created graphics, film clips, extreme sports, live shots all mixed with many various effects. He controls the tempo and direction of his visuals and incorporates live camera shots of the crowd and dj's, dancers or any subject that is of interest! He also uses burnout effects to create layered visuals very similar to the blue screen effect.

Documentaries and Music Videos - Filming - Editing - Producing
I have started to film and produce more various movies which include live footage of bands and also a three part documentary called The BLACK FLAG. More Documentary ideas and music videos are in the pipeline including a video for one of my tunes.

Preferred Visual Style
Psychedelic Trance - Dance - Electro - Trance all genres - Hard Dance - House - Balkan Beats

VJ Style
Live Performance - RT-VJ 'RealTime' VJ

Longest Live VJ sets
9 hours Frantic 14 Koko - Camden London - 28-8-2011
7 hours - Psy-Files - Katranci - Turkey 23rd - 25th September 2010
8 hours - Frantic 13th Birthday @ Koko Camden London 29-8-2010
9 hrs - HHA @ Brixton Academy London 17-10-09
4 hours- 7 hours - 4 hours Freedom Festival Portugal 09
10 hours Slammin Vinyl's Tranz-mission @ Alexandra Palace
7 hours, 4 nights, Glastonbury Dance Lounge Dance Village
5 hours HEAT UK @ Koko Camden Palace
8 hours Addiction @ Fridge Brixton London

Some dates wot I have done
Ratpacks 25th Anniversary Gig @ The Coronet London 29-03-13
Psy-Files - Katranci - Turkey 23rd - 25th September 2010
Frantic 13th Birthday @ Koko Camden London 29-8-2010
Glastonbury 10 Dance Village 24th - 27th June
HHA @ Brixton Academy London 17-10-09
Freedom Festival Elvas Portugal 6th - 11th August 09
Glastonbury 09 Dance Village East Tent Silent Disco 25th - 28th June
Slammin Vinyl's Tranz-mission @ Alexandra Palace - Frantic Arena 09
Frantic Timeless 7 @ Kentish Town Forum London 09
Glastonbury 08 Dance Village
December NYE 08 Edited and compiled visual footage and logo for THE BOND BALL Kensington
Glastonbury 07 Dance Village

Ayia Napa @ The Abyss - Euphoria Live - 18 shows - 2D/3D
Corfu - Limelight club 3 shows - 2D/3D
Euphoria live shows 2D/3D Warwick University, Keele University, Brunel University, Surrey University , St Andrews University, Nottingham University, Kent University, Trilogy Doncaster Abzorbtion Halloween 3D NIGHT

V.J. FREEDOM has had a varied an interesting history within the music industry. He plays the keyboard and has written and produced many songs including a Scandinavian number 1 in the late 80's and also mixed the 12 inch version of the worldwide number 1 hit Hey Hey Mathew by Karel Fialka for I.R.S. Records.
He uses a keyboard as part of his visuals setup.

In the late 80's and through the early 90's he ran a recording and rehearsal studio in Elephant Lane Rotherhithe South London in a warehouse overlooking the Thames and enjoyed many an interesting night with the crop of local bands that recorded and rehearsed at the studio.

V.J. Freedom managed top tribute band One Step Behind from 1992 until 2000 and arranged 3 U.K. tours and dates abroad in Cyprus and Greece, Germany, France, notably at the Palace or Versailles and Holland culminating in an appearance for the band at the famous Milkveg venue in Amsterdam. He also promoted and arranged many live dates for various bands in U.K. Universities and various venues including the famous Marquee club in Charing Cross road and the old Kilburn National where he organised and promoted two Ska Festivals with Bad Manners headlining both events in 97' 98'.

In 2000 he arranged with Telstar Records to tour the T.V. advertised Trance brand Euphoria in Universities, Colleges and provincial clubs. With the ongoing success of the early dates a website followed called Euphoria-live.com. He was involved with the brand for four years and arranged and promoted over 350 live dates. At it's peak the website was receiving 100,000 hits a month and Euphoria-live had 8 residencies around the U.K. Euphoria-live also did dates in Corfu and two seasons in Ayia Napa Cyprus at the Abyss club where Euphoria-live was voted best club night for 2002 and 2003. V.J. Freedom used visuals as part of the live shows at the Abyss and used I.Max quality 3D projections of the Euphoria logo's on bouncing balls, the visuals also included skeletons, aliens and various other 3D imagery which the holiday and local crowd found scarily enjoyable! This is where his interest for club visuals started.

He toured Euphoria-live and Euphoria-live 3D until the early part of 2004 and eventually parted company with the brand at the end of 2004 as the 'Trance' scene had faded.

Returned to Corfu to do three shows called 3D Abzorbtion at the Limelight club Kavos summer of 06.

vj freedom live

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