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VJ Freedom
VJ Abbrev. Video jockey
RT Abbrev. RealTime
Freedom n. the state of being free > unrestricted use of something, free expression

VJ FREEDOM is a specialist in RealTime Visuals, in other words he generates visuals completely live and in time with the music, he uses No Timecodes, No Sync Codes and No Triggers. He is the REAL, REALTIME VJ.

The start of something bigger for next year. Great day, brill scooters and lovely trouble free atomosphere. Well done to all those involved. Several interviews with various bods and loads of Scooters and bands. Bognor Edward Bryant school choir @ 7.21 minutes in movie Kez Bridger (Event Instigator!) interview @ 23.17 minutes in movie.

MUSIC VIDEO 02-12-13

This Music Video I filmed had a little run out for a few weeks before Christmas 2013 and picked up over 3000 hits on my other site under the name of Shouldbe Band.
View at http://youtu.be/VAm9VmmcDgY
Its well and truly primed for next year! and what a laugh we had doing it especially when the women came out of the church, screaming. Well that's Catholics for ya! I even offered a donation which I thought would do the trick......
It was filmed in five hours and took 12 hours to edit which is not bad going.

Production details
Filmed Edited and Produced By Nick Freedom, Directed by Johnny Chunders Assistant Directors Mat Sargent Nick Freedom.
Tune Written by Johnny Chunders. Recorded and Produced by Nick Freedom
Please note that no children or grown 'adults' were harmed in the making of this music video.
Support the Creators - Download the Tune from www.theblackflag.co.uk

3 Movies from Ratpacks historic 25th Anniversary landmark gig at The Coronet, London. It was an honour to do the visuals for their set (see movies section). Great crowd reaction and very emotional night as MC Evenson Allen and DJ Lipmaster Mark have been doing the do for 25 years. The sound on the movies is not too brilliant as it was taken from a camcorder and onstage camera! but it shows the gig from different angles. Special thanks to Chloe 'The Weeb' Freedom for the 'Crowd Left' and 'Longshot' camcorder work and also to Billy from Dingwuddles.com for the 'Onstage shots', shame about his camera sound but it was LOUD onstage!

Couple of movies to look at from the Bermondsey JoyRiders Album Launch @ Madame JoJo's (see movie section) Interesting couple of bands. The Phobics play a sleazy hip swivelling Ramones style groove Rock and the Joy Riders have their own distinctive style that has many influences fused together. Good stuff

FRANTIC 14 @ KOKO CAMDEN 28-8-2011 (see movie section)
Two movies from the banging Frantic 14th night at Koko Camden. The movies are of STEVE HILL V TECHNIKAL and KARIM. Steve Hill and Technikal really buzzedup the night with their array of tunes and the great show they gave the audience and they enjoyed the Burlesque fan dancer! KARIM'S played an earlier set. Karim's style is great and I enjoyed his gestures and general participation with the full house crowd. Blinding night for Frantic and glad to have been apart of it with my live visuals. Ta very Mucha!

black flag

'The BLACK FLAG' Documentary is being premiered at the Portobello Film Festival on Wednesday 7th September 2011 @ 8 pm
Address: Westbourne Studio Cinema, 242 Acklam Road, W10 5JJ. Buses 31 28 52 23 Nearest tube Ladbroke Grove.

Steve Kleenex and Mark Dark reveal a myriad of emotions on this journey, not only as they try and fulfil their dream to run a failing pub's bar with their own indie pirate themeing and music but also learning more about themselves, their friendship and the problems with 'cutting a deal' with 'Chinese Vince' the present leaseholder, while he carries on with his 'food trade' and 'adult activities' in the upstairs area. As the bar trade increases, Vince resents this and tries to take back control. Steve and Mark try to maintain their die hard attitude, relentless optimism laced with 'tongue in cheek' cockney street humour and the 'occasional beer' until their frustrations boil to the surface and verbal cutlasses are drawn and hard decisions have to be undertaken.

ROX 21st FREE Music & Arts Festival - Bognor Regis Seafront - July 2011
Sunday Night Headliners - The Blockheads

I met up with Steve Goodheart the organiser on the Friday night as the site was being constructed. I have not seen Steve or the Rox festival for years. Had a quick chat and secured a press pass so, armed with my camcorder I roamed around the site filming anything and everything and knocked up this promo for them (see movie section) as a thank you for a great weekend. The Rox festival has grown over the last 21 years from a single stage to 5 stages on the seafront. This year saw over three hundred artists of varying styles perform. Headliners were The Blockheads and The Diamonds. The main stage would grace any top flight festival and I was very impressed with the whole layout and Steve and his crew of volunteers do it for nothing. The festival relies on sponsors and donations and long may it continue and they have my full support. Great to meet some old faces and make new friends including that Damn Canadian!

The BLACK FLAG - Three part Documentary - July 2010 - May 2011
Brief Documentary Synopsis - Black Flag Part 1
Filmed a documentary over a ten month period of two guys called Steve Kleenex and Mark Dark as they take over a pubs bar and transform it into the 'Black Flag' theme bar.
The documentary has three parts and this is a brief description of the first part.

Follow the two main characters, Steve Kleenex and Mark Dark as they navigate the present landlord 'Chinese Vince', the local council, a few nearby residents who would like the pub to close, and ongoing drug problem and the 'rival' pub's attitude and their lack of fundamental business skills.
The area is New Cross, South London and the pub is located within 200 yards of the famous Goldsmiths University that has spawned bands such as 'Blur' but students do not frequent this pub. The area had always had a thriving independent music scene but this has eroded over the last fifteen years.

Steve and Mark reveal a myriad of emotions on this journey, not only as they try and fulfill their dream to run a pub's bar but as they learn more about themselves, the stifling legalities of the present business world but always maintaining their die hard attitude, laced with 'tongue in cheek' cockney street humor and the occasional beer.

KAROVA @ The Monarch Camden 20-1-2011
A couple of movies from the Karova set (see movie section). Dean Mumford of Rifles fame invited me along and as always, I took my camcorder. I really like this band and hope that they start to get somewhere as they have a great groove. They are looking to release a single on i.tunes in Sep/Oct this year.

The Rifles - Interview @ The Boogaloo - December 2010
Filmed this intimate interview (see movie section) with Joel and Luke backstage on the last night of their three nighter in North London. Spoke about writing techniques song writing inspiration cats and sex.

The Rifles - 3 nights @ The Boogaloo - December 2010
Arranged to film The Rifles acoustic performances (see movies section) at The Boogaloo in North London on 9th 10th and 11th of December 2010. I not only filmed the live sets but also the sound checks and dressing room banter along with the interview. Its great footage and really shows the band Joel, Luke and Dean in rare unseen moments. This band have been through some tough times but have a tour coming up in November and new album and video coming out soon as well. They have a devout following as this brief movie shows. I hope this footage will eventually see the light of day as lots of Rifles fans have been asking for copies.

Psy-files Psychedelic Trance Festival - Katranci Southern Turkey Sep'10
What a great vibe this festie had. Really nice people. Fantastic location, beautiful weather and great music and visuals!! I do like my Trance and I did live visuals for over 20 hours spread over the three nights. Special thanks to Murat and his crew who pulled it altogether, the staging and P.A. crew, the Shanti Tribe for their stunning on-site decor and Erden who helped with the filming and video set up and to the Aussies! Herbert says Hi!

Frantic 13th Birthday party - Koko Camden London Aug '10
Great night at a sold out Koko for Frantic's 13th Birthday party. Really up for it crowd and a DJ line up to rock your boat. Did a whole array of visuals and had a great time. Please Note Only got as few pictures of the event from various sites. They can be viewed in the pictures section.

Glastonbury 10 - Dance Village - East Tent - Silent Disco - 23rd - 27th June
I was Invited back to Glastonbury for the fourth year running which is cool and ended up doing Boy George, Dubfire, MixHell, DJ Ramses and meeting all the Magic Bubble Bods from Holland and various other bands and having a great 40th Festival. The visuals I did with DJ Ramses and his Balkan Beats set especially pleased me as it was a departure from my normal style and is now an ongoing project. Shows for the U.K. are being planned as it already has a great following in Europe and is building. It was a pleasure also to do visuals for Boy George's suprise DJ set in the Magic Bubble and Mr. O'Dowd played a really groovy set.

HHA @ Brixton Academy - 17-10-09 - Main Stage
To be invited do visuals at Brixton Academy for HHA was coolio! The main stage lineup was really interesting as many top dj's including Andy Whitby, Kutski (Radio 1) and Activator from Italy where all playing. (The full lineup can be seen in the alongside section). Great atomosphere, great crowd, great sound system, great production! I had my visuals on 4 large screens. As Kutski said on his Radio 1 show 'It was like playing in the Hard House cup final'. There are 3 clips in the movie section and apologies for the sound quality but it's taken from my camcorder and the sound to the side of the stage was really booming. Well done to all the Frantic crew.

Freedom Festival Portugal 6th - 10th August 09 - Main Stage
I liked the idea of going to Portugal to do a Psychedelic festie or 'party' and I was not disappointed. I was booked to do every night on the main stage and played alongside so great jock's including Dino Psaras, Paul Taylor, Shift (South Africa), Twisted Reaction (Israel), Zorflux and Tamaris from Portugal (Loved her set). There is a full list in the 'Alongside' section. Due to a few technical difficulties and delays I did not play until the second night and thanks to Ze (Stage Manager) for seeing my light and Telmo who supplied me with some kit that I could not take out with me. Had a brilliant session with the Holistic 'Bone Man' Fernandez who straightened me out and smoothed out the kinks. I was very pleased with the visuals I did and there are four movies on the movie section to look at. Thanks also to my travelling partner and daughter 'Weeb' who did some filming for me. Also thanks to all the organisers and drivers for understanding my 'artistic' requirements. I hope to be doing some more Psychedelic festivals in Europe later this year and next and have been invited to Paris to do a show, Also thanks to ELEA who played the main stage on the third night, groovy bods and great tunes and Vasco (Zorflux) who kept me entertained! Great people, great crowd, great vibe, just happy to have been a part of it. Love and respect to you all and a great choice of name for the festival!

Glastonbury 09 - Dance Village - East Tent - Silent Disco - 25th - 28th June
Had the pleasure of returning to Glastonbury for the third year running and it was great to catch up with some familiar faces and to meet some new people in the backstage campsite. Thanks to Matt for driving and helping me at the Festival. I did visuals in the East Tent for the Silent Disco event which was a new experience for me as I had to use headphones but it went really well with good crowds. I did live visuals for Jim Masters, Appleblim and Dave Seaman and the Silent Disco d.j's. Because of the late starting times I managed to get to see Madness, The Specials, Crosby Stills and Nash who were sublime, Dizzee Rascal, Spinal Tap. I also stumbled across a band called The Delegators in the Clud Dada tent and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, both were great. Arcadia needs to be seen to be believed as well! I also met and filmed a Mini Documentary on an Artist called Steve Harrington-Ellsmore in the Croissant Neuf field and it can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/freedomworkz along with some Delegators footage.
All in all a very enjoyable Glasters and great to be involved with the Dance Village and all it's many stages and acts, including a d.j. playing Bulgarian Oompah Ska.
I will look forward to the next one!

Slammin Vinyl's - Tranz-mission @ Alexandra Palace - Frantic Arena 11-4-09
(See movie section for youtube movies)
I had been looking forward to this one as it is good to get stuck into a Frantic mash-up. The line-up of jock's was good so there was lot's of scope for me to express myself. Slammin did a great job with arena and I had an extreme fairground ride at my back chucking out a cool breeze all night. The LCD screen was great quality but the drawback was that it did not film well. It also didn't help that the lightning guys kept the DJ stage area dimly lit. With LCD screens you can get colouration patterns on yer film but it came out quite well. I had a lot of people coming watching me and asking how I did the visuals and had some great comments and compliments which is nice. I gave out biscuits and water to a few punters and had a great time. It was pretty intense as I did the visuals for the whole night. I am in conversation with certain parties about doing a specialist visual set for various profile DJ's as the only drawback I have is that I do not know what tune is coming next and have to do it 'on the fly' which is cool and it's beneficial that I have a trance background as I am pretty good at anticipating the breaks, drops, builds etc.
Met briefly a couple of security girls form Crawley and Windsor and gave them a banana each, the one from Crawley grabbed the biggest banana, need I say more,,,,,,
I have been asked to do Frantic's Birthday party at Koko in August so bring it on!

Frantic Timeless 7 @ Kentish Town Forum February 09
Had a great night at the Forum with Frantic. It was the first time for me with Frantic and also it was a welcome return for me as I had not been to this venue for a while. I looked after the visuals for the whole night and did some great live stuff for BK, Frisky, Karim and Phil Reynolds, Matt Pickup and really enjoyed mixing and mashing up my visuals with Andy Whitby visuals for his kicking set. Have been asked to do the visuals for Frantic at Tranz-mission @ Alexandra Palace 11-4-09 so bring it on!

Glastonbury 08 was Glorious!
It was great to be back at Glastonbury and to provide the visuals in the Dance Lounge for the four night duration. I used a two screen set up which was ideal. Many thanks to Mr. Crosby for delivering and returning me and my stuff in one piece. I started live visuals every night around 7.30 - 8 p.m. and finished at 3 a.m. I set my VJ (video jockey) station up on stage right which was ideal for my live style as I was close to the bands and DJ's (disc jockey). I used a live camera more extensively for the bands and mixed in graphics and also used a lot of white and black key burnouts which worked very well. It was cool to work with the likes of Phil Hartnell, Kissy Sell Out, Ozomatli, Cut Copy, Beardyman, a full list of all the Artists, bands and d.j's that I did visuals for is located in the Alongside section. You will also find some clips of the Phil Hartnell set and clips from the Kid British live set and a shortie from Annie's live set in the movie section. In the picture section there are images of other Artists and pics from the festival.

VJ Freedom has also performed live visual vj (video jockey) sets for Mika, Mark Ronson and Dave Clarke at Glastonbury 07, Nick Sentience's Innovate at Shepherds Bush Empire, Heaven, The Fridge, Addiction club nights, Heat UK at KOKO Camden, Eastern Haze Festival, Antiworld Festival, Euphoria Live Ayia Napa @ Abyss night club, Limelight Corfu...

VJ Freedom uses a mix of graphic creations, live footage and video clips and believes that anything and everything is visual and can be used vj'ing if it represents the style and feel of the music that is being generated at the club nights.

VJ Freedom also was the first Club promoter to use I.MAX quality polarised 3D images at his Euphoria-live Club Nights in Ayia Napa and Corfu.

He is currently working on a live VJ (video jockey) DJ (disc jockey) set

This VJ site will show you many clips and pictures from a selection of live events, music festivals and club nights VJ Freedom has done and the biography is a brief but full summation of his history to date within the music and clubbing industry.

Always keep it fresh and try news concepts.

Any good quality Pschedelic Trance, Trance, Electro, Dance, Hard Dance dj's with some history that want to work with me to do a vj/dj set please email me. London based preferred but not essential. Coolio.

vj freedom

vj freedom
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